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Our new collections are available exclusively through our retail partners - N Brow flex-grid flex-align-start flex-wrap-wrapn and Asos. However, styles from our previous collections can be bought from us directly. A foreword here that as these are garments from prior collections, size and colour options may be limited.

Also, all orders are non-returnable and non-refundable and yes, we ship all over the world. Our garments are made lovingly by hand. This means that loss of beads,sequins and studs are a normal occurence and not to be regarded as a defect.

Here’s how it works

Download our lookbook catalogue. We update it regularly.
Select the model number, size and email us your preference.
If we have it in stock, we will send you a Paypal payment request.
Upon receipt of payment and logistics charges, we will ship you the outfit.
Some handling suggestions - Please do not spray alchohol based solutions directly on to the garment and dry clean at all times.
Important - Do not remove the tag unless satisfied with fit. Returns will not be accepted if the tag is removed or tampered with.


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